Ski Touring Val d'Aran

Ski Touring for beginners in the most snowcovered valley in Catalonia.

The Aran Valley is one of the best destinations for ski touring excursions. Its northern orientation guarantees excellent quality and the right amount of snow from December to April.
We offer you a series of easy and breathtaking peaks to get you started in this activity.
The Tuc de la Salana, the Bacivers, the Tuc de l'Horno, are great classics that can be done without a very high level of skiing.
We will accompany you to enjoy it, maximizing safety and always choosing the itineraries that are in the best conditions.

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Data sheet

+/- 1000 mts of elevation change for each peak

This activity is weather and snow conditions dependent, so we ask you to be very flexible in case of having to change of plan at the last minute.

  • Good physical condition.
  • Moderate previous experience in ski (red pistes in ski resorts).
  • Ski Tournig backpack.
  • Winter clothes and equipment (gloves, sunglasses, suncream, etc.)

Don’t worry about the necessary material and planning, we'll give you a detailed plan and a list of material at the time of the booking.


From 250€*

It does not include accommodation.

*depending on the number of the excursions and the size of the group.

Payment Methods
  • Bank Transfer for National or UE visitors.
  • Paypal (we add 5% for the commission).

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