Alpinism in Pyrenees

Winter activities close to Barcelona

Fancy to join us in this winter activity? It is perfectly doable on a day trip from Barcelona.

The Eastern Pyrenees have plenty of winter trails to discover the incredible beauty of these mountains, being the Natural Park of Serra del Cadí, just two hours far from Barcelona, where we find the most famous ones.

From short snow gullies to the most challenging mixt ice/rock lines in the North Face of this mountain range, there is always an option for you!

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Data sheet
  • Itineraries from very easy gullies up to hard mixt rock/ice lines.
  • +/- 1000 mts. of elevation change.
  • 2h.30 min. far from Barcelona.
  • Good physical condition.
  • Winter clothes and equipment (backpack, boots, three-layer clothes, etc...)
  • Private car needed.
  • If you want to travel a little lighter, we can provide all the technical material (ice axes, crampons, Avalanche safety equipment) for free.

This kind of outdoor activity, maybe more than any other, is weather and conditions dependent, so we have to be very flexible to change our plans, even to cancel them in case of last-minute weather forecast changes.


1 pax --> 250€

2 pax --> 300€

Payment Methods
  • Bank Transfer for National or UE visitors.
  • Paypal (we add 5% for the commission).

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