Carros de Foc guiada with skis or snowshoes

The winter variant for mountain lovers.

The Carros de Foc trek also has its variant for snow lovers, either with skis or snowshoes.

We will enjoy idyllic and spectacular traces and landscapes: lakes, rivers, waterfalls, passes, peaks, forests, all snowy or icy, and all in a protected area that preserves the essence of our beloved Pyrenees.

In addition, the network of shelters (all of them excellent) allows us to configure the trip according to our availability and physical condition: between 4 and 9 days, with a cumulative difference in level that can range from 5,000 meters to almost 9,500 mts.

In short, the Carros de Foc trek is a "must" for all lovers of natural landscapes. And in winter, without crowds. 

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The classic route takes 5 days, which are distributed as follows:

Day 1: Arties - Ref. Ventosa and Calvell

  • +975 / -280 mts.
  • 6 hours

Day 2: Ref. Ventosa i Calvell - Ref. Estany Llong

  • +620 / -850 mts.
  • 7 hours

Day 3: Ref. Estany Llong - Ref. J.M. Blanc

  • +870 / -500 mts.
  • 9 hours.

Day 4: Ref. J.M. Blanc - Ref. Amitges.

  • +850 / -850 mts.
  • 6 hours.

Day 5: Ref. Amitges / Baths of Tredòs.

  • +400 / -800 mts.
  • 6 hours.

Whether with skis or snowshoes, the winter Carros de Foc tour takes place in an environment where we need a series of precautions and protocols that we do not need in the summer.

We must consider the danger of avalanches, snow conditions, temperature, etc. That is why each stage's difficulty, pace, and time can vary from one outing to another.

For skiers, it is necessary to have a parallel turn consolidated in ski resorts, and if possible, be accustomed to skiing on untreated snow.

Those who opt for snowshoes bear in mind that the pace of walking can be slightly slower than without them.

For everyone, it is also necessary to anticipate that depending on the conditions, it may be required to use crampons and an ax to be able to progress in some areas.

The guide will provide a list of essential and recommended material a few the days before the departure. This list can vary depending on the weather forecast and mountain conditions.

The Carros de Foc with skis represents a milestone for all mountain skiers. From February to April, the mountains of the P.N. d'Aigüestortes offer us some idyllic ascents and descents that, with the proper minimum level, we can only enjoy until the last turn.
For those who like outdoor activities during the wintertime but do not ski, this trek is also perfectly feasible with snowshoes.


From 480€.

The price may vary depending on the number of people attendees in the activity, this being a maximum of 6 people.

This price includes accident and rescue insurance for the duration of the activity.

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