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Easy hike in Montserrat that allows us to visit the ruins of the ancient churches of San Juan, San Onofre and Santa Magdalena

During this hike, the guide will be doing several stops with explanations about why and how the hermitans where living in this place for over 1000 years. We're always hiking in the upper part of the mountain, with a stunning views over the rest of the Mountain of Montserrat and the final part of the Llobregat river just before its death in the Mediterranean sea.


Stop 1- Tebes, Tebaida and the Vall Mala

  • Why do we put names to needles, summits and valleys?
  • Tebes and Tebaida: why these names?
  • The hermitages: location

Stop 2 - The Mediterranean forest

  • The importance of the summer period. Cyclical time.
  • Coal bunkers: constant presence in Montserrat
  • The intimacy of the Montserrat forest.

Stop 3 - The Jacob Ladder

  • The symbolism of Jacob's Ladder
  • Montserrat's medicinal and unique plants: fat grass, bear's ear, queen's crown and jasmine
  • Adaptation to the environment: cisterns and water collection.

Stop 4 - Intimacy of the corners of Montserrat

  • Perception of retreat.
  • The changes in the environment of the needles of Montserrat in different orientations

Parada 5 - Hermitage of Santa Magdalena

  • Heremitism. The search for solitude.
  • The confluence of the vertical and horizontal axis
  • Rock Climbing in Montserrat: a new approach to spirituality

Parada 6 - Miranda de Santa Magdalena

  • Contemplation as a spiritual tool.
  • The geology of Montserrat: Formation and modeling of the relief
  • Axis Mundi

Parada 7 - Sant Juan and Sant Onofre

  • The caves as a space favourable to eremitism
  • The visit of Humboldt and the realation of the German romantics in Montserrat
  • The destruction of the hermitages and the end of the monserrat eremitism

This is therefore a very complete tour, from a nature, cultural and spiritual standpoint, and in a relatively short space of time, we are given a clear idea of what the mountain of Montserrat is nowadays.


Material: Suitable clothing for the time of year. Sport or mid-mountain shoes.

Duration: 2h 30 min.

Elevation change: +/- 200 mts.

Difficulty: Easy. Minimum recommended age, 12 years.

Start and finish point: Upper Station of Funicular de Sant Joan




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