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The Canal del Joc de l'Oca is the last section of the Torrent del Mitgdia, which cuts approximately in the middle and from north to south the Mountain of Montserrat. In the year 1966 it was descended for the first time, and this is how we propose it.

The complete activity will lead us to the historical Camí dels Francesos, starting from the not less historic Masia de Can Jorba to the Coll de la Ajaguda, also named Bassal dels Gats, and from there, we walk down to the Torrent until the small needle of La Cajoleta.

It is said that the name of Joc de l'Oca is given because, just like the famous board game where we are going from box to box, here in the torrent we will jump from terrace to terrace.

Anyway, we will surely enjoy a descent with a lot of fun and will learn, or consolidate, the rappel technique.

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