Agulles i Frares tour

The western side of Montserrat

Ideal midday hike to discover the natural environment of Montserrat: Mediterranean mountain forests on the southern slope, mixed forests oriented to the north, monoliths in the Agulles and Frares regions, the hidden Font de l'Esllavissada, an elusive wild goats herd or the Vicenç̧ Barbé hut...

The itinerary has everything without much hassle.

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Wow! My dad (70 yrs old) and I (40 years old) were with Ricard today and this hike was incredible. Ricard taught us so much about the history of the area and the landscape. He was also a spiritual inspiration. Above all, he was just a pleasure to be with all day. He really went above and beyond our expectations. Everyone should be so lucky as to have a guided tour of this truly magical mountain. A highlight of our 5-day trip to Barcelona!

Jennifer - via Airbnb

Data sheet
  • 4 hours
  • 7 km long.
  • 600 meters of vertical gain.
  • Comfortable footwear, preferably trekking shoes.
  • Sun protection: hat or cap, sunglasses, sunscreen.
  • Comfortable backpack.
  • Comfortable clothing, try to avoid cotton fabrics and jeans.
  • Bring water; Montserrat has no springs and in summer it is very hot!
  • A sweater or fleece can always be good, especially when the wind blows ...
  • Minors must be accompanied.
  • We recommend you should consult the General Terms that rules the activities of GdM. Hiring an activity involves your acceptance.
  • Groups from 1 to 5 pax: 180€, single price.
  • Groups from 6 to 15 pax: 33€, each.
  • Groups from 16 to 30 pax: 23€, each.
  • The price includes accident and rescue insurance.
Payment Methods
  • Bank Transfer for National or UE visitors.
  • Paypal (we add 5% for the commission).

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