Carros de Foc guided trekking tour

A tour for everyone through the most breathtaking sceneries in the southern Pyrenees.

The Carros de Foc tour was the embryo of all the other treks that came later to the Pyrenees.

It has its origins around 1987, and since then, hundreds of hikers have made it every summer. And if it is so successful, it's because the experience is worth it.

We will enjoy spectacular paths and landscapes: lakes, rivers, waterfalls, hills, peaks, forests, all in a protected area that preserves that essence of our beloved Pyrenees has.

In addition, the network of shelters (all of them excellent) allows us to configure the trip according to our availability and physical condition: between 4 and 9 days, with a cumulative difference in level that can range from 5,000 meters to almost 9,500 mts.

In short, the Carros de Foc trek is a "must" for all hiking lovers.


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The classic tour takes 5 days, which distributes as follows:

Day 1: Cavallers - Colomers Refuge

  • 12 km.
  • +865 / -510 mts.
  • 5h.30min

Day 2: Ref. Colomers - Ref. Amitges

  • 11 km.
  • +840 / -610 mts.
  • 6 hours.

Day 3: Ref. Amitges - Ref. J.M. Blanc

  • 14 km.
  • +970 / -1,000 mts.
  • 6 hours.

Day 4: Ref. J.M. Blanc - Ref. Estany Llong.

  • 18 km.
  • +965 / -1280 mts.
  • 7 hours.

Day 5: Ref. Estany Llong - Cavallers.

  • 14 km.
  • +940 / -1130 mts.
  • 6 hours.

The trails of Carros de Foc are at an average altitude that exceeds 2,200 meters, so we must be prepared for high mountain weather, with all that entails. The highest point is the Coll de Contraix, at 2,700 mts.


The Carros de Foc is a trek of moderate physical demand. You have to be used to doing sports regularly and hike in the mountains for a week with positive elevation change ranging from +700 to +1000 mts.

However, the extensive network of shelters (all excellent) will allow us to make stops and refreshments very often so that, always with the weather's permission, we can enjoy a quiet and beautiful hike at each stage.

The Carros de Foc tour is a great classic and essential hike through the most spectacular Catalan Pyrenees. We can configure it to our liking, both in terms of num. of stages and the accumulated total elevation change. So no excuses, you have to come!


With 6 stages, the price is 560€, which includes:

  • 5 nights in half-board shelters.
  • Accident and rescue insurance for the duration of the activity.
  • Certified guide.
  • Advice before, during and after the activity.
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