GR-92 Ametlla de Mar - Ampolla

A trek through the coastline.

The GR 92 (a name we owe to the celebration of the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992) crosses the entire coast of Catalonia along the coast. It takes advantage of the old "camins de ronda." Fishers initially used these paths to link coastal villages. Later, they also served to control smuggling, and in this case, we will also find old Civil War bunkers that were never used.

The sea, the rocks, the sandy or pebble beaches, and the pine groves form a distinctive pattern and make the itinerary have an added value to the simple fact of walking and exercising. We will check the slow but continuous work of the water shaping the coast, the typical vegetation of the Mediterranean coast, and how human action is modifying the landscape that we will find.


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Data sheet
  • 16 km.
  • 4 hours.

It is a path suitable for families. Despite having many ascents and descents to cross all the coves we find, all of them are of little difference in level.

The section of the GR 92 that connects Ametlla de Mar and L'Ampolla is an opportunity to enjoy the coast without urbanizations, houses, or roads that break the charm. In addition, the excursion has an added value to the simple fact of walking and enjoying nature. During the tour, we will find old ports, bunkers, etc., which will give a cultural touch, and is also a good place to talk about the formation of rocks and beaches and how the continued action of seawater shapes them.


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