La Tora Blava

A local trek through the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees

The Tour de la Tora Blava jumps valleys and ridges of one of the most famous places in the Catalan pre-Pyrenees.

Territories of the Alt Berguedà, the Serra d'Ensija, Rasos de Peguera, or the Serra del Cadí, which we often cross to reach other places, will now make us sweat and enjoy equal parts, as this trip can be considered challenging in terms of elevation change. However, we rarely set foot on terrain considered as a high mountain.

The whole route consists of 5 stages, but if we do not have or do not want to spend so much time, we can do the northern or the southern variants, and so we will turn it into a journey of only three stages.

If, in addition, we have extra strength or motivation, we will also be able to reach the most emblematic peaks in the area, such as Pedraforca, Gallina Pelada, or the summit of La Torreta.

Either way, it is a trip that will surely leave us with a good memory, and every time we pass through these counties to go further, we will see everything with different eyes.

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Data sheet

The complete trip does the following circuit:

Stage 1

  • Berga - Ref. Rasos de Peguera.
  • Distance: 13 km.
  • Elevation gain: +1500 / -460 mts.

Stage 2

  • Ref. Rasos de Peguera - Ref. Molí de Gósol
  • Distance: 21 km
  • Elevation gain: +903 / -1330 mts.

Stage 3

  • Ref. Molí de Gósol - Ref. They are
  • Distance: 8.5 km.
  • Elevation gain: +950 / -600 mts.

Step 4

  • Ref. Estasen - Ref. Ensija
  • Distance: 16.5 km.
  • Elevation gain: +1208 mts / -711 mts.

Step 5

  • Ref. Ensija - Berga
  • Distance: 16 km.
  • Elevation gain: +313 / -1760 mts

The complete route has a total distance of 73 km and +/- 4860 mts. of accumulated elevation change.

The northern variant is 39 km. and +/- 2600 mts., begins and ends in Ref. Lluís Estasen.

The southern variant is 42 km. and +/- 2900 mts., and begins and ends in Berga.


The route is challenging, so you need to be used to long stages and steep slopes. Physical demand is moderate-high.

You need to wear hiking boots that protect your ankles and the right clothes for the time of year you want to do the hike.

Once you book the activity, we will send you a list with the necessary and recommended material to do this experience.

Without traveling very far, the landscapes of Berguedà allow us to take a great tour and get to know all these landscapes that we often only cross to go to other places.


Consult us, as it will depend on the number. of attendees. 

The activity includes accident and rescue insurance for the duration of the activity.

Payment Methods

Bank Transfer.

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