Nocturnal Hike and Legends in Montserrat

Walk by night to Sant Miquel Cross

Legends, myths, and tales have been vehicles of cultural transmission and social aggregation for centuries. Their analysis provides many clues about traditions and cultural identities, including about our nature as a species.

When the sense of sight is not the primary source of information, walking at night requires sharpening the rest of the senses and obtaining unnoticed perceptions in other conditions.

Introspection increases.

We are about to understand the message that our ancestors have transmitted to us through the legends.

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Data sheet
  • 1,5 hours
  • 2,2 km long
  • 90 meters uphill gain
  • Comfortable footwear, preferably trekking shoes.
  • Comfortable backpack.
  • Headlamp
  • Comfortable clothing, try to avoid cotton fabrics and jeans.
  • A sweater or fleece can always be good, especially when the wind blows ... In this case, a blanket too, sometimes!
  • Minors must be accompanied.
  • We recommend you should consult the General Terms that rules the activities of GdM. Hiring an activity involves your acceptance.
  • Groups from 1 to 5: 230€ single price.
  • Groups from 6 to 15: 35€ each.
  • Groups from 16 to 30: 25€ each.
Payment Methods
  • Bank Transfer for National or UE visitors.
  • Paypal (we add 5% for the commission).

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