The mountain of Montserrat has, by its geographical location and geological composition, several characteristics that make it a very special setting for flora and fauna. The status of Mediterranean ecosystem par excellence, but with considerable high differences, allows for the presence of a rich and varied natural community, well worth discovering and preserving. The extensive network of paths throughout the mountain range facilitates the visit, while creating nature walks of various lengths and difficulties, from small one-hour tours to workshops that can last several days. Montserrat Mountain Guides offer nature walks of varying lengths. In addition, depending on their interests, visitors can choose, and even propose, specific routes in order to investigate various aspects of the mountain’s biodiversity, or routes that pass through certain areas of the range. Montserrat Mountain Guides are committed to tailoring their itineraries, and to create specific proposals depending on the visitors. Here, for example, is a list of general nature walk topics which you can ask for:

  • General. On these routes visitors can discover the species of plants and animals that are common to the mountain.
  • Recovery after bushfires. These routes are in areas that have suffered serious fires in the past. The current state of the vegetation gives us the opportunity to discuss the different strategies adopted by the species after a fire.
  • Aromatic plants. These tours show visitors which aromatic plants and herbs can be found on Montserrat.
  • Signs and songs. These itineraries teach visitors to determine the presence of certain species of animals that are often difficult to see, but do leave trails, if you know where to look. We also try to identify (and see, if they let us!) birds by their song.



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