Escalada Montserrat

Rock climbing

The most famous conglomerate in the world is located just near Barcelona

The philosophy of climbing on Montserrat is strangely similar to a dance or ballet. Most people who don't know this world might think of climbers as brave (or unwitting) people risking their lives amid shouts of euphoria and cans of Red Bull. But climbing is a much more subtle, refined, and mental activity, and, if you want to call it, sporting. With body and mind, climbers solve the challenge that the rock proposes at any given moment to progress with grace, cunning, anticipation, and sometimes strength and power. A sequence that may often seem impossible to solve at first glance, looking at it carefully, placing our feet well, and observing with full attention, we move, learn, adapt, and finally overcome the test. The impossible has become possible.

And why dance or ballet? If you ask a climber what he or she liked about a particular climb, the answer is sure to be: the aesthetic movements, the necessary coordination, and the fluidity. Also, the elegance, the beauty, or, in their case, the "dirty" climbing.
When we question a climber after climbing a specific route, he will always talk about the sensations he has experienced while progressing on the rock and also about the state of mental concentration he has reached.

Montserrat Mountain is probably the world's most famous conglomerate climbing destination and is located just 50 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​the capital of Catalonia. There are thousands of rock climbing routes of all lengths, orientations, and styles, big walls and needles, and numerous sport climbing sectors.

  • Long routes from 2 to 10 long. From equipped to the purest trad style, going through all the intermediates.
  • Sport climbing from III + to 9a.

From Guides of Montserrat, we offer you a wide range of activities aimed at all levels, from initiation courses to guides and assistance for climbers of a higher level.

On the other hand, Catalonia is a kind of paradise for lovers of rock climbing:

  • Multi-pitch climbing routes of all styles on great walls, such as Vilanova de Meià, Terradets, and Montrebei.
  • Sport climbing in Siurana, Margalef, Oliana, La Mussara ...
  • Boulder areas in the Eastern Pyrenees, Savassona, Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, etc.

There are many options, and we will happily join you in whatever you want.

Please do not hesitate to drop us a line, and we'll organize everything!

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