7 d'amor a la Roca Narieda

Rock climbing in Alt Urgell for summer days.

Route 7 d'Amor at the Roca Narieda, in the Alt Urgell, is a route of moderate difficulty (6b) for climbers with previous knowledge of multi-pitch routes and specific resources in the aid climbing, unless we can free climb 6c+.

The quality of the rock is outstanding throughout the route, and the equipment based on bolts makes it a safe route. Plus, we can still place on floating cams and nuts almost whenever we need it.

It is fast to climb, making it ideal for a summer morning or a winter afternoon. The approach is very short, and in addition, the descent in rappel implies that we can go very light material.

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Data sheet
  • 200 mts.
  • 6c+ (6b. obl.)



To enjoy this route, it is necessary to have some previous experience in multi-pitch routes, and if we cannot free up to 7a, we'll have to climb a short section on A0.

Alt Urgell is an ideal region for rock climbing, both on sports routes and in multi-pitch climbing. There are routes everywhere, and in all faces, so we can climb all year round except for the hottest months.
Via 7 d'Amor is an excellent way to take advantage of a summer morning, as it is located on the west wall of Roca Narieda. A very short approach and a rappel descent will allow us to climb it without getting up very early, and dodging the midday sun.

  • 200€
  • It includes all the individual and collective technical material, as well as accident and rescue insurance for the duration of the activity.
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  • Bank Transfer.
  • Bizum

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