GEDE al Sentinella

The beauty of simplicity

Climbing on the GEDE route at the Agulla del Sentinella in Montserrat is one of the essential rock climbing routes that are located very close to the Gorro Frigi. It is just two pitches long of moderate difficulty, on an superb rock, and that we can easily combine it with any other climbing route in the Gorro itself, or in the Magdalenes.

The route is more than recommended for the winter months, and impressive if we consider that when they climbed the spur for the first time no expansions were used .... those were other times.

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Data sheet
  • V+
  • 80 mts.

To climb this route you have to be able to follow on V grade.


The GEDE rock climbing route at El Sentinella has the Santacana seal. It was a very dangerous route in the beginning, but today we can climb it without suffering thanks the the new equipment. It has an excellent rock quality and can be combined with any other route in the area to complete a day of rock climbing in Montserrat.

  • 180€.
  • Includes a second route in the area of similar difficulty and lengh.
  • Includes all individual and collective technical equipment, as well as accident and rescue insurance for the duration of the activity.
Payment Methods
  • Bizum
  • Bank Transfer

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