Montserrat rock climbing in Agulles region

This region is full of finger shape rock needles. Reaching the summit of most of them is only possible with rock climbing techniques.

In this area of Montserrat, you'll find something unexpected. This region is full of finger-shaped rock needles; the summit of most of them is only possible using rock climbing techniques.

Here, the rock climbing routes are between 1 and 4 pitches, and the most classical and easy ones follow the south aretes. Here the climb is steep but not vertical, and a proper foot technique and balance are essential. 

Don't expect fully bolted sport climbing routes here. Better think about a complete activity with a pleasant excursion with narrow and shaded paths, funny climbs, and the most beautiful surroundings you can imagine.

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Most of the classic climbs here are between IV and V+, on superb quality rock.

There are only multi-pitch routes with a rappel required to descend from the majority of the summits.

It is normal to climb two or three routes per day.


From the parking, arriving at the beginning of the routes takes about 45 minutes of hiking, and a typical climb needs more or less two hours + 30 minutes to descend.

So, the physical requirements you need is to be fit enough to spend one long morning on the mountain.

A small backpack with snacks and water, and warm clothes (or sun protection) depending on the season, is needed, too.

About the shoes, avoid sneakers if possible, mid-mountain shoes with rough soles are much more useful. 

  • 1 person --> 180€
  • 2 people --> 200€

All the technical material and full insurance are included in the price.

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  • Bank Transfer for national or UE visitors

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