Serra del cadí - Roca de l'Ordiguer - Cerdà Pokorski

The most beautiful rock climb in summertime in Cadí?

The Cerdà Pokorski route was the first rock climbing route in the Roca de l'Ordiguer in the Serra del Cadí, although it is not the easiest.

With the current material has become a spectacular route and a must for everyone who can climb 6a in self-protection climbing.

We already know the surroundings of Cadí, one of the most beautiful spots in the Catalan Pyrenees. The quality of the rock, despite being the north side of the Serra del Cadí, is quite compact in the difficult sections.

The Cerdà Pokorski has, therefore, remained one of the Pyrenees' classic routes, and that much as possible, we have to climb !!

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Data sheet
  • 6a/A0
  • 300 mts.
  • 1h.45 approach time.
  • 1h.30 descent.

The Cerdà Pokorski can be enjoyed if we climb on alpine terrain with difficulties of V+ as followers.

On the other hand, we must keep in mind that the route is about 300 meters long, we are in high mountain terrain, and the approach and the descent also involve physical wear and tear.

Climbing in Serra del Cadí is always a joy, both in summer and winter.
If we climb in the summer, the Cerdà Pokorski is probably the most recommended route of all. However, there are other options, such as the Anglada Cerdà also in the Ordiguer, the CADE or Castells Barberà in the Roca Verda, or the Maus on the Roca Punxeguda.

  • 240€

Includes all the technical material and the full insurance for the time of the activity

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