In the natural environment, there are endless possibilities for activities. Nature is our environment as human beings that we are. Humans are part of this environment; we have lived in big cities for no more than 200 or 300 years. Maybe that's why when we want to do a "reset" of our daily lives in big cities, go out in nature (sea, mountain, whatever) is almost always the first choice.
At GdM, we are very aware of the wide variety of motivations that people can have while going to the mountains: smooth, easy hiking through a forest can be as rewarding as reaching a peak by climbing the most complicated and committed route.
The possibilities are endless: alone, with friends, with family, business trips, etc.
On any website, the space is limited, and therefore the proposals you will find there are just that, proposals, which may or may not fit your wishes or needs. That is why we encourage you to write and tell us what you would like to do during a guided tour, and we will organize it to facilitate this experience that will surely not leave you indifferent.

Thank you so much!

Montserrat Tranqui