Aleix a La Punxa

The beauty of the easy climbs.

The Aleix a la Punxa dels Flautats climbing route is a simple route and highly recommended if we like Arestes Brucs d'Agulles type routes. The rock is excellent, and the equipment is correct. La Punxa is one of the needles that form the Flautats, and is "hidden" on the northern slope behind the Trinitats hermitage. It is a quiet, lonely, and silent place.



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Ficha técnica
  • 150 mts
  • V/Ae
  • 5 llargs.

Be able to climb V grade following.


The east arete of the Punxa dels Flautats is an easy and very pleasant climb. The place is very lonely and quiet, totally recommended if we don't like crowds.



Includes all the technical material and the insurance for the time of the activity.

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  • Bizum

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