Salenques - Tempestades Ridge

2,5 km. long, one of the jewels of the Pyrenees.

The  Salenques -Tempestades is an impressive 2.5 km ridge, which from the Salenques pass ascends to Aneto 3.404 mts., the highest peak of the Pyrenees.
Considering one of the reference ridges in the Pyrenees due to its difficulty and length, having the right timing is essential to finish it in one weekend, starting from the bottom in Besurta, sleeping in the middle, and finishing it on the second day.

With a medium difficulty, we can divide the ridge into two parts. The first is from the Salenques pass to the Punta Brecha del Tempestades, where we will find the most challenging part of the climb, with reasonably solid rock and easy to protect with cams and nuts.  The second part of the ridge is from the Tempestades peak to the Aneto, where we will find more loose rock and take extreme precautions choosing the correct itinerary.

In numbers, this ridge has 9 three thousand mts. high summits and an elevation change of about 800 mts.

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  • About 15 km. from car to car.
  • +/- 1700 mts of elevation change.

We'll meet up in the afternoon of the first day to start very early in the morning the second one and finish the activity during the third one.

The best time to do this high mountain activity is from late June to Mid September.

We'll send a detailed list of the material needed once you book the activity.

  • Highly physically demanding activity.
  • Bivouac needed at 3000 mts.
  • Ice tool and crampons needed even during summertime.

High mountain course, one of the musts in the Pyrenees mountain range.

  • 1 pax --> 500€
  • 2 pax --> 300€

The accommodation and manutention of the guide for the first day are not included.

Payment Methods
  • Bank Transfer or Bizum for National or UE visitors.
  • Paypal (we add 5% to share the commission).

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